1L & 4L & 200L
KORYO SN 0W/16 is a 100% synthetic engine oil that can be applied to hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles. Manufactured with the finest base oils and additives, it offers excellent oxidation stability and corrosion resistance, providing excellent performance in protecting engines and extending engine oil lifetime.
• Suitable for hybrid vehicles• Gasoline vehicles for API SN, ILSAC GF-5• Latest technology gasoline vehicles such as Turbocharger, multivalve(DOHC), Gasoline Direct Injection(GDI)• Engine oil for four seasons
• Excellent fuel efficiency, suitable for hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles. • This product is excellent for improving fuel efficiency by minimizing friction resistance through the use of a outstanding additive. • This product reduces engine corrosion by using the latest detergent dispersant to clean and disperse impurities in the engine.

Product Details

KORYO SN 0W16 (Koryo oil)