Koryo Oil Factory

About koryo Oil

 Koryo Oil is a company
in the lubricants manufacturing business based in South Korea.
Koryo Oil Founded in 2015 ,
established & built by hand by hand of Korean engineers
& Korean high technology ,
Koryo manufacture lubricants suitable for passenger cars
commercial vehicles, and motorcycles and was very well received due to its fast, powerful,
dynamic image and outstanding performance.
Today Koryo enjoys the trust of many satisfied customers across the globe,
with its competence, its top level service and quality, as well as its attractive prices and great reliability.
The company has truly earned a name for itself, having established itself as a well
known manufacture in the lubricants market in short period.
The company philosophy is to work every day to get better vision, earning at all times the trust of customers and agents.
We seek to contribute to the supply and expansion of
environmentally friendly products and production line, and thus contribute not only to the growth of
the company, but to the sustainable development of humanity
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